Our Modules

Optimus. consists of various modules that let handle operations at every level


Take quicker, more intelligent action with critical, real-time patient information at the point of care.

Expedite clinical encounters with flexible charting options, reusable order sets, favorites and configurable templates.

Complete history of the patient with problem documentation details and CPOE in one place.


Nurses can perform their day-to-day activities from a single window screen

eMAR manages the process of medication starting from accepting the medication to the administering to the patient.

Each order is tracked with the different status such as; dispensed, due for administration , missed dose, delayed does , future dose etc.


Offers revenue management of cash flow for both patients and insurance payment.

Full control of the service prices and coverage at the time of ordering which enables to reduce administrative burden and avoid income loss.

Covers the full process from issuing the bill to cash collection including claim resubmission

Patient administration

Easy process for appointment-scheduling and temporary registration through the call centre or the front office.

Create patient visits with full control of medical and financial billing information

Pharmacy and inventory

Keep track of control drugs and medicine expiration dates.

Easily manage the flow of pharmacy items and medical consumables


Easily Issue orders or order sets, reuse recent orders or recurring orders.

Services can be scheduled for a location or equipment and can be tracked to completion.

In-patient modules

Manage admission, discharge, and transfer status for each hospitalization

Operation theatre management

Emergency Room and bed management

Manage ward duties and capacities

Document Managment

Upload soft copies of medical documents such as medical reports, images, and test results.

Link personal documents to patients such as Patient ID's, insurance cards & claims, and consent forms.