Our Features

Optimus is built around features that cater specifically to each role in the hospital

For Managment

A Business Intelligence dashboard that provides wide perspective of the hospital revenue and capacity usage.

For Doctors

Take quicker, more intelligent action with critical, real-time patient information at the point of care.

Expedite clinical encounters with flexible charting options, reusable order sets, favorites and configurable templates.

Complete history of the patient with problem documentation details and CPOE in one place.

Easily Issue orders or order sets, reuse recent orders or recurring orders.

Services can be scheduled for a location or equipment and can be tracked to completion.

For Nurses

Nurses can perform their day-to-day activities from a single window screen without having to navigate through menus and screens.

All information can be shown on the patient level or at the ward level for better tracking of the medicine administration.

Patient administration

Fast and clear process for the administration of patients

Easy process for the call centre or the front office for appointments scheduling and temporary registration for appointments

Comprehensive registration of patients’ demographics, insurance and documents to keep everything together.

Billing and insurance

An air-tight process for the services billing and claiming to guarantee highest revenue.

Starts with ordering, which previews the insurance coverage, controls approvals to claims and reclaims to reduce administrative burden and avoid income loss.

Life of billers is made easier with full encounter information in one place with full control of diagnosis and billing code.

Insurance TOB easy management of plans details of coverage rate, co-payment, deductibles and preauthorization for each service.

Keeps track of individual patient accounts for payment advances or money due to insurance rejections.

System administrator

Manage the system users and their permissions and roles.

Track transactions and changes through the audit log.

dynmacially fit the master data to your hospital's needs.